Our Story

A trip to the cinema to watch Paddington 2 with my then 2½ year-old daughter is where this all began. My daughter brought comedy to the usual ‘snack-nag’, leaving my husband and I in stitches and the desire to remember this hilarious moment forever. In her amazing attempt to grasp the English language rather than insisting on popcorn as her movie snack she was yelling I want copporn" at the top of her voice in the cinema foyer. 

Having a Mum who suffers from dementia I am painfully aware that these precious moments can be ripped away from you. I hear Mum struggle on a daily basis to recall even just the names of family. To keep us entertained she usually replaces lost words with ‘wotsit’. Luckily for my older sister, my Mum can recall her mixed-up words and always reminds us of my sisters love for “flutterby's” and “copterplanes”. Sadly for myself and my brother our kiddy mash-ups are gone. Mums brain does work in magical ways though and still makes us giggle when ordering “protifaroles” or needs assistance from “peadeamedics”.

Two years after our trip to the cinema with my oldest daughter starting school and my second daughter well on her way to creating her own dictionary of mixed-up words and I am breathless at how fast time slips past.

As special as they are I know my family aren’t the only ones with their own lexicon of mixed-up words. There are millions more out there waiting to be captured as a unique individually designed memory. Using my 15 years experience as a graphic designer I want to immortalise these precious spoken mixed-up words. So here we are.

I can’t wait for you to share yours with me.